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Throughout the day:

The day will be split into several sessions offering different sports/activities. Our staff will encourage children to take part in all the different elements of the session helping to promote and excel no matter what the level. Sometimes our team will help children excel in a particular favourites. We will have short breaks between each session and these breaks will allow the children to unwind and prepare for their next chosen activity. Lunch is normally between 12 and 1.30 (a packed lunch is needed) and we will also provide a place for arts and crafts.



HDO Day Example:

HDO is the perfect place to entertain those who are just starting to enjoy sports as well as those who already have a clear talent for sport. Our coaches range from county to international professionals and can boast great teaching success throughout a number sports. What better place to help your children improve and excel before school starts?


For any more information please don't hesitate to contact us using our contact us drop down tab or emailing at

How ages are split:

Attendees will be in age specific groups. These groups will have a programme of sports/activities that will be developed for that particular age group. HDO knows that learning with your peers will help development and greater advance their skill set.

We would never mix ages should there be any safety issues. 



We understand that swimming is a big concern for parents and it shouldn't be. Before any swimming session children will do a non pressurised swim test that allows our lifeguards and swimming teachers to assess swimming levels. 

Our swimming sessions are always heavily staffed  and we are very strict in the policing of the pool to make sure it is as safe as any other sport that takes place. 

HDO provides children with armbands for those that need it. 

Swimming will be offered at least 2 times a week and notice of these days will be given to parents prior to the start of the camp. When possible, HDO may add extra swimming days. 

How do we Book? 




Holiday Drop Off Prices 

Dulwich College - Dulwich  

                                       Time                       Online Price              Drop Off / Pick Up:
Whole Day                    8AM - 5PM            £54 p/d                   8-9am -  4/5pm  

Discounts: Siblings and weekly discounts are offered  


Booking conditions

Holiday Drop Off works to very specific staff to child ratios, for this reason, cancellations must be received 5 days prior to the booking date via email to for a full refund.

A 50% refund will be given inside of the 14-day window

Cancellations 48 hours before a booking is not refundable or transferable

As always Holiday Drop Off will provide amazing facilities, with an energetic and enthusiastic HDO Team 

HDO activities include: please note that activities may change between camps 

Athletics - Track and field events such as hurdles, shot put, javelin, long jump and relays. (site specific)
Badminton - Played with long necked racquets used to hit the shuttlecock back and forth over the net. Scoring points by making the shuttlecock hit the floor on your opponents side of the court.
Basketball - A game of speed, incorporating dribbling, passing and shooting to score goals in your oppositions hoop.
Cricket - A bat and ball sport, where two teams compete to score the most amount of runs, taking it in turns to field and bat.
Dance - Dance combines physical activity with creativity, using movement to express interpretations of music.
Field games - This is a variety of outdoor activities including games such as, Capture the flag, Ultimate Frisbee and more.
Football - A very popular team sport played by both boys and girls worldwide. In football the ball is kicked between players or dribbled towards the goal to score.
Hall games - This is a variety of indoor activities including, Bench ball, Ultimate Dodge ball and more.
Hockey - Hockey is played with a small hard ball, players use there hockey stick to manoeuvre the ball around other players to score in the opponents goal.
Netball - Originally a girls sport that now has a large mixed following, combining catching and throwing with speed and agility.
Rounders - A batting and fielding sport, where teams bat to score as many Rounders as possible by running around the 4 posts depending on how far you hit the ball.
Swimming - Pool activities range from swimming races to fun inflatable sessions. (Please note that swimming is only available on full day and half day pm only)
Table tennis - A fast game which requires quick reactions and quick thinking to return the ball over the net to your opponents side of the table trying to force them to miss the ball or make a mistake to score a point.
Tennis - A racquet sport, played in singles or double. Requires power and precision to outwit you opponent to score points. (site specific)
Touch Rugby - A version of traditional rugby with less physical contact. The emphasis is on speed, ball handling skills, teamwork and decision making.
Volleyball - Played with a soft ball which is passed back and forth over the net. Players choose one of 3 shots to make whether it be defensive, attacking or setting up a teammate to score a point. (site specific)
Water polo - Water polo as the name suggests is a water sport that takes place in the swimming pool, the two teams compete to score goals by throwing the ball into the oppositions net. 


HDO at Dulwich College


Dulwich College Boasts extensive facilities such as:



    * Sports Hall (8 Badminton Courts)
    * Swimming Pool (25 metres, 6 lanes)
    * Floodlit Astroturf
    * Second Large Astroturf
    * 3 Tennis Courts
    * 2 Squash Courts
    * Athletics Track                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



Next HDO Camps:

Dulwich College 

Summer 2024 Dates: 

Week 2: 15th - 19th July (5 days)

Week 3: 22nd - 26th July (5 days)

Week 4: 29th July - 2nd Aug (5 days)

Week 5: 5th - 9th Aug (5 days)

Week 6: 12th - 16th Aug (5 days)

Week 7: 19th - 23rd Aug (5 days)

Week 8: 27th - 30th Aug (4 days Tuesday to Friday)

Holiday Drop Off is perfect for both perfecting existing sporting interests as well as being a great environment to learn new sports. Our team will focus on encouraging children to enjoy activities while also helping them to focus on the task in hand.

Our sites are in great secure locations boasting great facilities with several large areas in which to run around and get fit. Safety is of utmost importance and our team have years of experience teaching children in sport.



HDO Staff


Through experience we know that the staff and instructors are what can make a good experience great. Therefore we have simply picked the best staff to work at Holiday Drop Off to help inspire and motivate your children. All of our leaders have a passion for teaching and the drive and dedication to help children achieve their goals.


Our staff have experience working with children and are committed to making every child's experience one to remember, we understand first day nerves and any apprehensions and we work hard to make everyone feel welcome and a part of the Holiday Drop Off family.


Safety is our top priority at HDO and because of this we follow the recommended guidelines for staff to child ratios from the National Network for Child Care. For pool sessions we have a qualified lifeguard and an ASA qualified swimming instructor on pool side at all times.


"Just to say a huge thanks for making the Easter holidays so much fun for Josh and Sam. They had an absolutely brilliant time, were so eager to get out of the house every morning and full of news about what they had been doing during"

"My two children, aged 9 and 4 absolutely love Holiday Drop-Off. They enjoy the variety of activities on offer and meeting other children. They feel safe and secure in a familiar environment and always ask to go back each holiday. The staff are warm, friendly and welcoming and my children are always delighted to see them again. I have no hesitation in recommending Holiday Drop-Off"

"My 5 year old son had a really enjoyable time at the October half term HDO. He has been to other holiday clubs but HDO is by far his preferred option. He really enjoyed trying out new sports like archery, and loves the trampoline, but its the relaxed, friendly and individual approach of the team that makes HDO different and so much better than other holiday clubs. He happily did his first full week with HDO, something I would not have even contemplated with another club"

"Amazing camp, amazing staff"