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Ofsted/Childcare Vouchers + FAQs

Providers of multi-sport activity camps do not have to register with Ofsted providing they adhere to voluntary guidelines, one of which is, offering no more than two types of activity from a prescribed list (Sport being our main one)

Nevertheless, we decided to register for the Voluntary part which has now been accepted 

This now enables us to start accepting childcare vouchers as a method of payment, however, Holiday Drop Off will now begin to register to voucher schemes to allow you to pay. 

The list below shows the schemes that we are currently accepting and we shall update this list when more have been added. Please do email us at 

If you don’t see your registered scheme, we shall try our utmost to add it to the list.

Please note that we currently only accept voucher payments for our Dulwich College site

- Enjoy Benefits (Accepting)
- Edenred 
- Computershare 
- KiddiVouchers (Accepting)
- Care-4  (Accepting)
- Fideliti  (Accepting)
- Busybees / Bravo Benefits (Accepting)
- Sodexo (Accepting)
- Faircare (Accepting)
- Childcare voucher solutions (Accepting)
- Allsave (Accepting)
- Apple (Accepting)
- Employers For Childcare (Accepting)
- Tax Free Childcare (Accepting)

Edenred voucher number is P21092791

Enjoy Benefits you will need to mention either the postcode (SE21 7LE) or use the setting name (Holiday Drop Off)

Computershare Please search for either the postcode (SE21 7LE), setting name (Holiday Drop Off) or using our ID number 0023861129.

Kiddivouchers you will need to mention either the postcode (SE21 7LE), or by using our Ofsted number which is RP539526

Care-4 Please search for either the postcode (SE21 7LE), setting name (Holiday Drop Off) or using our ID number 59023192.

Fideliti reference number is HOL348C.

Busybees / Bravo Benefits Information required Holiday Drop Off, Dulwich College Sports Club, SE21 7LE (Ofsted number: RP539526)

Sodexo number is 869123 and our Postcode is SE21 7LE

RG Childcare - ID is 82833367741

Faircare - Name: Holiday Drop OFF, Postcode: SE21 7LE,Unique Ref: HODR0717

Co-Operative – Account number is 85115277

Apple childcare - Ofsted number: RP539526, Setting name: Dulwich College / Holiday Drop Off, Postcode: SE21 7LE

Tax-Free Childcare - You can now pay through your Tax-Free Childcare using the searchable information set out below. Holiday Drop Off, Postcode: SE21 7LE

Employers for childcare - To make payment please search/mention Holiday Drop Off to the childcare provider 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is HDO?
A fantastically fun sports camp for children between the ages of 5-14


How much does it cost?
£50 full day, additional £5 for an extended day.
Discounts available for week bookings and sibling bookings.

Where is Holiday Drop Off held?
Currently Holiday Drop Off is held at Dulwich College Sports Centre (Pond Cottages, London, SE21 7LD) 

What time does Holiday Drop Off run from and to?
A full day at
Holiday Drop Off starts at 8-9am and runs until 5pm, giving children hours of fun. Extended day allows parents or guardians to be a lot more flexible by adding an extra hour. Our longest day runs from longer days run from 8am until 6pm.

What do they need to wear?
All children should bring comfortable clothing in which they can run jump and generally have fun in. Swimming gear is also required if swimming would be one of their choices

Should I give them a packed lunch?
Yes although we will provide a tuck shop which will sell snacks, a packed lunch will be required for the lunchtime break.

What happens in the extended day?
Its an extra 2 session to enjoy. If you find that 9am is too late or 4pm is too soon then take advantage of the extended day. You can drop off and pick up anytime within the extended day hours. 
(Please see Summer 2020 information page for change of details)

Normal day:       8/9am - 4/5pm

Extended plus:       8/9am - 4/6pm

Do you accept Childcare vouchers?
Yes. Have a look at the list of providers we use. If your one isn't there, let us know and we can try and add it. Please note that we currently only offer vouchers at our Dulwich College camp.

Do you still have spaces?

When booking online, if you can select the required date, it means that we still have spaces available. If you are unable to select the date, unfortunately we are fully booked for that day